Domain Purchase Process

  • Step 1

    Make Offer

    Please fill in the contact form on the “Contact Owner” page. Kindly note: Offers far below expectation may be ignored

  • Step 2


    Your offer will be evaluated, as a result, you may be contacted via email within one working day

  • Step 3

    Escrow Starts

    After mutual agreement, we will start an escrow transaction at or, choice of domain owner. You have to open a free account, and inform us of your account name. We will have the transaction set up for you to your account

  • Step 4

    Make Payment

    You will have an outstanding invoice in your account, where you will find the banking details of escrow party. Please pay as instructed, and ensure the EXACT AMOUNT will be received by or

  • Step 5

    Domain Transfer

    After payment is secured by the Escrow Party, domain transfer starts: The domain will be unlocked, and “authcode” will be provided to you. You can transfer it to your favorite registrar

  • Step 6


    After the domain arrives in your account at your registrar, you have to confirm it to the Escrow Party

  • Step 7

    Release Payment

    Seller will be paid by the Escrow Party after your confirmation and its final review

  • Step 8

    Deal Finished!

    Go Change the World!

The above information only applies to for-sale domains