Domain Purchase Process

  • Step 1

    Make Offer

    Please fill in the contact form on the “Contact Owner” page. Please kindly note: Offers far below expectation may be ignored

  • Step 2


    We will review your offer, if interested, may contact you (via email in most cases)

  • Step 3

    Escrow Starts

    After mutual agreement, we will start an escrow deal at or

  • Step 4

    Make Payment

    You pay to Escrow, i.e. or

  • Step 5

    Domain Transfer

    After payment is secured by Escrow, domain transfer starts

  • Step 6


    After the transfer, you view and confirm to Escrow

  • Step 7

    Release Payment

    Seller is paid by Escrow after your confirmation

  • Step 8

    Deal Finished!